Innovative Brands and Their Retail Marketing Strategies

Posted by Cindy Banker on 10/8/17 2:34 PM


For food and retail brands to stand out these days, they need to be innovative, not just with their products, but with their retail marketing efforts as well. Here are five companies who really made a splash when it came to building their brand – and lessons you may be able to adapt to your own marketing strategies.

Top Merchandising Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Posted by Cindy Banker on 9/22/17 3:30 PM

In March, we published an article on the top retail merchandising trends for 2017.  And while those trends will continue to carry over into 2018, there are some trends that will become even more prevalent in the year ahead..

  • Consumers are interested in becoming engaged with the brands they buy and the retail environment must encourage that engagement.
  • Consumers need a stress-free shopping experience and smaller is better.  Smaller stores offer greater acessiblity.  Stress-free pick-up and door-to door delivery will become a mainstay for many shoppers. 
  • Consumers will become more dependent on technology from mobile payment options, to shopping within social apps.