Retail In-Store Positioning and Off-Shelf Strategies

Posted by Cindy Banker on 10/16/17 11:01 AM

Eye-level purchasing strategies have changed because store owners are becoming more knowledgable of their customers mindsets.

When it comes to getting your products noticed in stores, remember the old real estate cliché: location, location, location.

The right approach to in-store positioning can help your brand succeed, and the way you use off-shelf marketing through point of purchase displays can boost your sales. Let’s look at how you can make your product stand out in stores.

Innovative Brands and Their Retail Marketing Strategies

Posted by Cindy Banker on 10/8/17 2:34 PM


For food and retail brands to stand out these days, they need to be innovative, not just with their products, but with their retail marketing efforts as well. Here are five companies who really made a splash when it came to building their brand – and lessons you may be able to adapt to your own marketing strategies.

Winning at the Point-of-Purchase Impulse Buying Game

Posted by Cindy Banker on 9/28/17 3:06 PM

The challenges of point of purchase are becoming more challenging.

As consumers, we might tell ourselves that we’re creatures of habit, making lists and mapping out shopping trips with military precision.

But the truth is, most consumer behavior happens on a subconscious level. We’re hard-wired to make impulse purchases.

Top Merchandising Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Posted by Cindy Banker on 9/22/17 3:30 PM

In March, we published an article on the top retail merchandising trends for 2017.  And while those trends will continue to carry over into 2018, there are some trends that will become even more prevalent in the year ahead..

  • Consumers are interested in becoming engaged with the brands they buy and the retail environment must encourage that engagement.
  • Consumers need a stress-free shopping experience and smaller is better.  Smaller stores offer greater acessiblity.  Stress-free pick-up and door-to door delivery will become a mainstay for many shoppers. 
  • Consumers will become more dependent on technology from mobile payment options, to shopping within social apps.

How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping

Posted by Cindy Banker on 9/7/17 2:30 PM

If you are a product manufacturer, you know all too well the perils of shipping products from your factory or warehouse to a DC or retailer. Product and packaging damage during shipping is extremely common. So much so, that a certain percentage of loss is often expected and built into the balance sheet. The problem is so pervasive that it has spawned an industry of consultants, software and tracking technology.

Pull Ahead of Your Competitors by Attracting Millenial Loyalty

Posted by Cindy Banker on 8/31/17 12:45 PM

Beer. Napkins. Golf. Chain restaurants. Home ownership.

Winning Social Media Strategies for Packaged Food Brands

Posted by Cindy Banker on 8/24/17 4:30 PM

While Facebook has the most users of any social media platform, Millennials have started to favor things like Instagram. And while Twitter may be a convenient way to skim the latest news headlines in 140 characters or less, some brands find a lot of success on image-heavy Pinterest. 

The Impact of POP Displays on Holiday Shoppers

Posted by Cindy Banker on 8/17/17 3:55 PM

Black Friday is only a few months away, but many brick and mortar retailers have not yet finalized their holiday assortments, especially products that are in off-shelf positions during Black Friday and beyond.

The Keys to Launching Your New Product

Posted by Cindy Banker on 8/10/17 3:00 PM

“Each year, companies spend more on packaging than on advertising. As markets mature and competitive differentiation narrows, packaging becomes an even more important component of marketing strategy.” Dickson, Marketing Management

The Importance of Packaging and Point-of-Purchase Displays in Pet Product Marketing

Posted by Cindy Banker on 8/3/17 3:00 PM

How much do we love our pets? The answer can be measured in the billions.

$66 billion, to be more precise. That’s how much Americans spent on pet-related products last year. By 2020, that number is expected to jump to $96 billion.

Much of that money is being spent on food, with natural/organic products dominating the premium pet food market.

But consumers aren’t as loyal to brands as they once were, which is why packaging and POP displays for pet products have become increasingly important.

Here are a few things to think about when designing packaging and POP displays for pet products.